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A trusted, authentic leader with three decades of learning and development experience at Fortune 500 companies, Gail founded The Binocular Group with the mission of “helping people to see.” From conducting impactful and engaging workshops, to coaching leaders, Gail’s dynamic approach to building leaders at every level of the organization has proven valuable to her clients.

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In her early career at Volvo Cars, N.A., Gail was a key contributor in a brand new dealer communications department, installing personal computers in dealerships so that dealer personnel could transmit warranty and sales information to headquarters. Gail developed user manuals,created and delivered customer service training and met with dealers to consistently improve the customer experience. The years after Volvo saw Gail facilitating classes for small and large companies. After moving to Richmond, Gail’s contract facilitation at Bank of America created high demand for her talents, resulting in Bank of America creating a full time facilitation role in their Richmond headquarters for her. In her 5years at Bank of America, Gail progressed to an Assistant Vice President role and was recognized as a Master Trainer.

In late 2000, Gail joined Capital One. Throughout her 15-year career there, Gail was asked to lead a number of key initiatives, and held operational leadership roles as well as learning and development roles. Additionally, during her tenure at CapitalOne, Gail owned the Leadership, Management and Competency development portfolio; providing a multitude of resources to more than 46,000 employees.

Gail is passionate about helping people uncover their self-limiting beliefs and partnering to identify ways to exceed their own expectations. Throughout her career, Gail has led, managed and coached teams on communication interactions,team dynamics, and collaborating to work through challenging issues. Her broad range of professional and personal experience provides a solid foundation for consulting with organizations on the topics of leadership development, teamwork, associate performance and organizational change.

What’s in a name?

a new perspective on leadership

After leaving corporate America, Gail spent time in a little cottage overlooking a beautiful creek. Every evening, she’d sit on the porch with binoculars and discovered an amazing new perspective.

Binoculars bring the far away up close. They allow you to see things from a different vantage point, and they bring clarity to your view. Think about what coaches do. Think about what leaders do. They help people to “see.”

The goal of The Binocular Group is to help our clients view themselves, others, situations and events from a different perspective…and to support their growth as they move towards the future. We’ll partner with you to create customized solutions for your business.


customized leadership development solutions

The Binocular Group is a leadership development company created to help leaders at every level consistently show up at their best at work, at home and in their community. We develop leaders by offering the following service options.

Leadership Development Consulting

We’ll work with your business to determine the leadership strengths, future needs and gaps, and then create a strategy designed to meet your needs. Your customized leadership development strategy will include a variety of different resources for you to grow your leaders.

Workshop Facilitation

With 25 years of facilitation experience, we know what it takes to get learners engaged in their development experiences. Our customized workshops are interactive, engaging and impactful. The content is designed to resonate with the participants, so they internalize their learnings and bring improved skills and competencies back to the workplace.

Leadership Coaching

Are your leaders getting the results you expect and want? Are they showing up as authentic leaders with solid leadership presence? Are your leaders aware of their personal brand and the impact they have on others? Gail can work with your leaders in a one-to-one setting to help them achieve their goals. Learn more about the Code of Ethics or view Frequently Asked Questions about leadership coaching from the International Coaching Federation.

Keynote Speaking

Gail’s three decades of experience at Fortune 500 companies has given her great perspective to share. Her dynamic, interactive delivery will engage your attendees and help them hone their leadership skills.

"Gail came highly recommended to help me address conflict caused by strong personalities that was impeding our Team’s performance. Gail provided pre-work, conducted personal interviews in advance, and had a firm understanding of the Team dynamics & personalities coming into the program that she facilitated.

She came in, led with authority, held up mirrors to everyone on the Team and challenged each of us to see how our behavior was impacting our ability to be more effective and limiting our ability to bring our best every day.

Our very next Team meeting, everyone was actively using the tools that she shared and the difference was like night and day. Three months out, it’s like we are an entirely different Team, firing on all cylinders and performing at our best. I’ve been a leader of people for over 25 years and I’ve never experienced this level of such positive and sustained change in Team dynamics in such a short amount of time. Thank you Gail!!!"

VP, Commercial Capabilities,in a top 5 Pharma company

"As a coach, Gail Fottrell-Jones, has forever impacted my approach to leadership. Gail’s trifecta of business acumen, unique perspective on people, and her ability to always be professionally candid makes her the perfect coach to help any individual aspiring to grow as a leader as well as change or influence change in their organization. Gail lead me through a transformation and helped me return to my true self; A leader who is focused on balancing all aspects of life including work, family, and self. Gail pushed me to develop the confidence and tools that were required to have hard yet honest conversations with anyone in my organization and held me accountable when I wasn’t living up to the person I claimed I wanted to be. Gail not only impacted change within me but encouraged me to take what I learned from her and share it with everyone at my company. So an investment in yourself by working with Gail can pay dividends to your company, co-workers, and even family. I cannot recommend Gail enough; working with her has been life changing."

Nick CapitoCTO at Unboxed Technology

"My time working with Gail was the single best investment I have made in myself. The experience was deeply personal and transformational and came at a pivotal time. There were many key moments during and after my time where the light came on and I had the opportunity to move in a new direction. I learned to believe in myself and to understand how important it was for me to be aware and in charge of the energy I bring. I identified my saboteur the victim and learned how to recognize it and deal with it time after time. I learned how to re-frame situations removing my own emotion and sticking to the facts and from this I was able to grant grace and space to others and to myself. I am more curious and creative and have let go of many attachments. My relationship with Gail is ongoing and I know that I will continue to work with her as I grow in the next part of my journey. My gratitude for Gail and this experience is profound."

Susan GalvinSr. Benefits Consultant at OneDigital Health & Benefits

"Some people push you in ways you didn’t realize you could grow, They expand your definitions and perspectives and take you outside of your comfort zone, somehow without making you uncomfortable. That is a delicate balance and one that Gail is able to achieve with ease. My time with Gail ultimately led me to my dream job. When I met Gail my career, on paper, was what most ambitious people strive for, but I had struggled to find the balance, happiness and fulfillment that should come along with my achievements. I had Gail help me assess my current career path and guide me through a complex transition to a new role and ultimately a new life. In what can only be described as a supportive, non-judgmental manner, Gail challenges me to think differently about myself and the ways that I can lead and influence, both those around me at work, but also personally. What makes Gail most effective is how genuinely smart she is and the way she couples being smart with an uncanny balance of pragmatism and empathy that sees beyond internal drama while honoring how someone truly feels. I highly recommend Gail to friends and colleagues all the time, as I would love them to experience what I have with her."

Marti BellerPresident at Kobie Marketing

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